Zandisile Eugene Shongwe

DNA Barcoding Technician


Zandisile Shongwe is a qualified DNA Barcoding Technician and a member of the Barcode of Wildlife Project. It focuses on environmental crimes against endangered species and is based at the African Centre for DNA Barcoding (University of Johannesburg). He has completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Sciences from the University of Venda. Zandisile wishes to excel in his career through hard work, research, skills development and perseverance. He has a clear, logical mind, a practical approach to problem solving, and the drive to see things through to completion. Zandisile is eager to learn, enjoys overcoming challenges, and specialises in the latest DNA barcoding technology for biodiversity science.

Key Achievements

2012 Excellence Award – Contribution to excellence of crops and pasture section.


DNA Barcoding – Invasive species
Wildlife Forensics

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