Stoffel Petrus Bester

SANBI Control Scientist


Stoffel Petrus Bester’s research focuses on taxonomic and revisionary work related to the indigenous taxa in the Apocynaceae, Ericaceae and Scrophulariaceae families. It emphasises the sub-tribe Asclepiadeae, which includes the genera AspidoglossumAspidonepsisCordylogyneFanniniaPeriglossumSchizoglossum and Stenostelma. Stoffel combines field and laboratory work with strong analytical skills in order to contribute to regional floras, scientific and popular publications, rendering identification services and providing foundational biodiversity data on these groups. He is involved in teaching, student supervision, internal mentoring and managing of junior staff.

Key Achievements

  • Research Committee member (2012–current)
  • Appointment as extraordinary Senior Lector at the University of North-West (October 2011–December 2014).


Plant Molecular Systematics
Plant Taxonomy

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