Lerato Nakedi Hoveka

PhD Candidate

Email: leratohoveka@gmail.com | leratohoveka@yahoo.com

Understanding how climate change will affect species distributions, especially for range restricted taxa, is paramount to conserving biodiversity. Lerato Nakedi Hoveka’s research aims to develop climate change integrated strategies for conserving South Africa’s endemic flora. Her research assesses how climate change will impact on the country’s endemic flora and aims to determine whether or not current protected areas will be sufficient for protecting the plant diversity in the future. She also intends to identify protected area networks that will optimise habitat representation for a large group of endemic plants.

Key Achievements

22-26 September 2013 – Pirenopolis, Brazil

International Conference on the Ecology and Management of Alien Plant Invasions (EMAPi)

Presentation: Climate change and the five strongest invaders of South Africa’s freshwater systems


Biodiversity Management
DNA Barcoding – Aquatic invasive species
Climate Change

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