Duduzile Thabitha Marengwa

Honours Student

Email: marengwathabitha@gmail.com

In 2017, Duduzile obtained a BSc degree at the University of Johannesburg and specialised in Biochemistry and Botany. She is currently enrolled as a BSc (Hons) in Botany student and her research project focuses on the DNA Barcoding and Molecular phylogenetics of the economically important indigenous genus Sceletium (Aizoaceae).

Duduzile has always had a keen passion for plants and a wish to better understand biodiversity. She likes to think of herself as a diligent student, who is self-driven and highly motivated. In addition, she possesses good people and leadership skills, which she has developed throughout her undergraduate years.

Key Achievements

2008-2012 Top 10 learner throughout High School


Basic DNA extraction
Gene amplification via PCR
Cycle sequencing of gene regions
Database comparisons of DNA sequences and compilation of phylogenetic trees

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